Running Roofing Business as a couple: Zoya and Chris interview (All Phase Construction)

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00:18 Chris Porosky is a workaholic
01:32 Finding a work/life balance
02:16 Advice to women married to entrepreneurs
03:17 Wearing many hats in a roofing business
06:15 Incorporating family members into a roofing company
07:45 Biggest business challenge for All Phase Construction USA
08:56 Advice to business owners who work with family members
11:28 Advice to homeowners looking for a new roof
13:29 Porosky’s thoughts on roofing companies with shady sales tactics
15:33 How roofing companies in Florida cut corners
18:08 How Directorii deals with shady roofing companies
19:35 Leaf Filter is not a fan of Roofing Insights

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