Russian Oligarchs work ethics | Ethane Company | John Houghtaling @Roofing Insights

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Russian Oligarchs work ethics | Ethane Company | John Houghtaling
Deep conversation with John Houghtaling about Russian Oligarchs, Work Ethics and luck.

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Cedar Shingle Performance and Uses

Cedar shingles are a much more attractive alternative to asphalt. With proper care wood shingles last longer and provide more protection than asphalt shingles. The key to proper wood cedar shake life is to protect them from moisture. Modern shingles are pressed and coated with water resistant material. The fact remains that water is most likely to cause damage to wood. Wood resists impact better than thin asphalt, but it cannot handle standing water. For that reason, it is best to use wood roofing in dryer climates.

DIY Carport and Roofing

Construction of a carport can be so much simpler than home construction that many handy men try and do it themselves. Carport construction can be simple and a way to save you money. There are several options, and you should still consult with a contractor just to get an idea of what the project will run you. The Denver roofing estimate can serve you as a baseline. If you start spending money near the estimate number to do the project yourself then it is time to re-evaluate.

Fixing a Leaking Roof – Hard Or Easy?

One night, you’re sitting and watching your favourite show on television, having a drink and enjoying the cool breeze; then a drop of water falls right on the top your head, there’s a leak! The scenario may not be so common, but a leaking roof certainly is and nobody likes them. So what do you do?

Built Up Roofing Options

The flat, built up roof is becoming popular, especially on large applications because of its cost. Flat roofs are simple both to construct and to finish of with waterproofing. They are popular in warm areas. A flat roof is not a good choice in areas with large snowfall because the snow will just accumulate on the roof and not shed like a sloped roof. Pooled water from leaking snow causes water damage, and too much snow weight may cause the roof to fail.

Selecting the Right Roofing Contractor Company for Replacing Your Roof

How can you find a company to do a reliable job of replacing your roofing? There are many things to consider when searching for the right roofing contractor. Use this guide to select the best roofing company for your upcoming roofing repair.

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