Sam Taggert Door to Door Salesman interview

Sam Taggert Door to Door Salesman interview

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In this video, Dmitry interviews door knocking expert, Sam Taggert. Even though Dmitry isn’t a door knocker himself, he thinks Sam adds great value to the industry and is someone roofers can learn a lot from.

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History of the Composition Roof

In 1893, the United States began manufacturing roll roofing; which consisted of strips of asphalt covered felt with a layer of small pieces of stone. A brilliant discovery in 1903 by Henry Reynolds changed the future of roofing forever. He found that by marketing asphalt shingles cut from roll roofing, fortunes could be made.

Identifying What You Should Keep Away From: What Does Asbestos Look Like?

For a moment only recognize the results of asbestos within your health, you’ll most likely ask the question, what does asbestos look like? For anybody who is house or office has been built many years ago possesses not undergone significant renovation, then there’s a big possibility that its walls, floors, or ceilings are constructed of materials containing high quantity of asbestos. But lots would ask, what does asbestos look like?

Roofing Service – The Importance Of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

There are several reasons why it is important to periodically clean your roof. One reason is for appearance, but there is one that is even more important because it can actually impact the way in which the roof functions. Because there are many parts to a roof, cracks and crevices could facilitate a home for unwanted materials that could keep certain features from doing their jobs.

Understanding The Various Roofing Styles and Slopes

There are many different roofing styles used today. Each style is unique in its structure and design, and often times to a particular location. A specific building type can also determine, at times, the type of roof that will cover it.

When Is It Time to Call a Roofing Contractor?

Houses are usually built to last a lifetime and in some cases, several life times. They are there to protect us from the outside environment and keep us safe. Providing there are no disasters such as earthquakes and fires, many people buy a house expecting it to remain their home and sanctuary for many years.

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