Scam Alert: Shane Lee. Blue Dot Marketing, Contracting or Roofing

Scam Alert: Shane Le (professional con artist)

Shane Le of Blue Dot Marketing & Blue Dot Contracting (and more companies) is a professional con artist that cannot be trusted by homeowners or contractors.

Shane Le regularly opens new companies under new names, so watch out!

Watch this video to see how Shane Le scammed Dmitry himself out of $2,000!

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Doing a Roof Replacement This Winter?

Most of the homeowner will tell you that summer is the best time of year to do home repairs projects, because summertime weather is warm and dry enough to allow doors and windows to be left open for ventilation. Read this article to learn more about what is the difference between doing roof replacement during summer and winter. This way you can prepare accordingly for both.

Increase The Size Of The Workplace With GRP Enclosures

GRP is an acronym for glass reinforced plastic which itself is another word for fiber glass. There are many different ways of changing the properties of fiber glass during production starting with the volume of fine strands of glass added to the mix and the type of catalysts added and the different agents used.

What You Should Know About Your Commercial Roof

When choosing a roofer to complete the work on your commercial roof consider the difference involved in the work from residential roofing. The company you choose must be equipped to handle different materials and more complicated roofing situations.

GRP Kiosks Are Now Available In Any Colour

The word kiosk comes from ancient Persia and originally applied to what we consider today is a small pagoda. In the context of this article a kiosk is a shed like structure made from GRP which means ‘glass reinforced plastic’.

Weatherproof And Soundproof Workplace With GRP Enclosures

Article about GRP enclosures and their usefulness. These are available in virtually any colour in the RAL colour range and can also be finished in matte or gloss. Additionally they can be made to have a brick, stone or even wood affect finish.

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