Should you have “Roofing” in your business name?

Should you have “Roofing” in your business name? 

Correctly naming your business is huge! What name will get you more business? What will be best for google rankings?

In this video Dmitry explores the pros and cons of including “roofing” in your business name. Stand out from a “normal” contractor with these success proven tips!

Should You Have “Roofing” in Your Business Name?

First off, you may ask, why is the name of my business important? It’s just a name, right? Well, to some insurance companies, that’s not the case. In the trades, specifically roofing, the monthly premiums companies have to make to cover their employees is substantial, so much so that some business owners forgo putting “roofing” in their name, the idea being that by not having that as part of their title, they will save money.

Of note: there is one circumstance where having “roofing” in your name is inconsequential. If you are fed jobs from another company, or if you work FOR an insurance company, then the name of your business is irrelevant. But for everyone else, the name is important.

Here are five reasons why the name is important:

1. Competition

There are thousands of contractors out there, covering many different trades, so you want to make sure that people know what your company does. If your name is “ABC Construction,” how will anyone know that you do roofing? Stand out!

2. Makes you look like an expert

By stating in the company name that you do roofing, it instantly suggests to customers that you are an expert. You wouldn’t hire “Tom’s Plumbing” to do your electrical work, just like someone will be less inclined to hire you if you don’t claim expertise.

3. “Roofing” looks good

Another benefit is that your name can advertise to multiple customer bases. For instance, Dmitry’s Storm Group Roofing appeals to both potential roofing customers, as well as those interested in storm damage repairs.

4. Helps you rank high

Google searches are important, and to be on the top of that list, you have to be pumping out good work. But you also need your name to become relevant, and this is where “roofing” in the title comes into play. Have a name that people can search for, and that shows your skills!

5. Save marketing $$$

Storm Group Roofing already tells people what trade Dmitry does, so he doesn’t have to spend extra marketing money telling people that he does roofing. Save your marketing money and put it toward something more productive, like a new truck, if you’re into that sort of thing.
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