Single Ply System : TPO Membranes

Here is a video about Single ply system : This is TPO , I think is a really simple roof system , expensive but simple and very effective in the energy saving , It’s cool during the summer and warm during the winter.
if you can afford it , it’s worth to install it.
make sure , your installer knows how to install it …do some research before you do or hire any roofers .
Thanks for watching .

Valuable Hints in Painting the Roof of Your House

People who are not aware of the significance and benefit of painting a roof will find this job quite strange. Roof coating is designed to reflect the rays of the sun. A roof with light color can save energy costs of up to 50 percent. A cooler roof would mean lower overall home temperature. Roofs that are made from dark materials tend to heat up at daytime and cools down in the night. Reflective roof paint will reflect the rays of the sun and keep the roof cooler which will extend the life of the roof itself. Roofs can be painted and will get benefits from reflective roof coatings. Here’s how to paint the roof of your house.

Residential Roofers: Recommended Certifications, Licenses, and Insurance

Replacing or repairing your roof is a major investment. It’s one of the biggest expenses that you’ll face as a homeowner. Make sure your roofing contractor offers the highest quality products and services with the credentials to prove it.

Importance of Roof and Wall Coatings on Your Home’s Life

Your home will be one of the biggest investments in your life, thus keeping your walls and roofs in a good condition makes great sense and is necessary in protecting your investment. Wall and roof coatings will lengthen your home’s life while insulating and protecting it from weather and rain. A lot of rubberized and acrylic coatings resist mold while giving preventing home leaks. Products that have solar-reflective capabilities will protect a home from the sun’s heat which minimizes the cooling costs during the summer.

How to Choose Between Roofing Options

Roofs are just a pitched cover for your home, right? All roofs are basically the same, so you really needn’t put much thought into it, right? Wrong. For many laypersons, it comes as a great surprise the vast array of roofing materials and styles that are used in modern home building. Depending on your environment, budget, and personal preferences, it can be difficult to know how to choose between roofing options. Obviously, you’ll want to discuss roofing alternatives with your roofing professional, but these tips should serve as a guide to understanding your choices.

Seamless Gutters: Stop Mother Nature and Avoid Roof Repairs

A roof is the most exposed part of a home and protects us from natural forces like rain, wind, snow, blizzards, and extremely hot temperatures. It is also be the most expensive to maintain and repair considering its extensive coverage and complex set up. The gutters are an integral part of the roofing system and need to be inspected, cleaned, and unclogged often.

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