SRS Distribution: 3rd Largest Fastest growing Roofing Supplier @Roofing Insights

Roofing Insights visits SRS Distribution: 3rd Largest Fastest growing Roofing Supplier
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From Insights:
00:00 Intro
01:11 SRS Distribution likes hiring veterans and creating a family environment
02:32 SRS has 440 locations that spans 45 states
02:47 Learn about the Raise the Roof Foundation
04:14 Innovation is key to making SRS grow
04:50 SRS has a tech team in-house
06:01 Need privacy? Try a huddle room
07:46 SRS has a large coordinating department

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Your roof is the first line of defense to protect your home from the elements. A leaky roof can cause major problems to the rest of your home, so when replacing an old roof much thought should go into hiring a roofing contractor.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Select the Best Contractor For Roof Repair Jobs

If you are looking to repair your roof or alter the roofing system you can contact any of the numerous roofing contractors. They will pre-examine your roof at an appointed hour and give you an estimate. You must discuss at length with him the kind of materials to be used and the repair work to be done.

Roofing Tips – How to Measure a Roof For Shingles

It’s time for a new roof on your house and you would like to have an idea how many shingles will be needed for your roof replacement. Skilled roofing contractors know how to do this. But perhaps you would like to know yourself.

Roofing – Emergency Roof Repair

Discovery a leaking roof in your home can be quite upsetting. Your roof should be protecting the inside of your house and keeping it water-tight. Before you call a roofing contractor to do repairs look carefully at where the leak is to determine what might be the cause.

Moisture Entry Elimination

The most common sources of moisture infiltration are roof penetrations and flashing. Flashing is designed specifically to protect the roof from water. However improperly installed or damaged flashing is quite common and make the area a weak point. All roof transitions (areas where different angles of roof come together) and penetrations need flashing. Because gutters are located below or off the roof, people often neglect them when it comes to waterproofing a roof. However clogged or leaking gutters are a common cause of water infiltration. Undersized or clogged gutters let water flow back onto the roof.

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