State Farm VS Roofing Contractors: Insurance Companies are “Hurt by Toilets”

State Farm lost to Roofing Contractor in court: Judges asks the best questions!!!!
State Farm In Court: Insurance Companies are “Hurt” by Roofing contractors toilets
Read about State Farm’s loss over at:

State Farm, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yelp… The list just keeps growing. In this video State Farm is in a battle with 33 Carpenters out of Iowa. In summary, they didn’t want to pay for some adjustments that were requested by 33 Carpenters as additional resources were needed to complete the residential project. Some of the items requested were a portable bathroom and a safety supervisor. State Farm denied both. One of the judges brought a valid point in the idea that residential home claims aren’t that different from the car repair industry. However, typically car repairs don’t get nearly as much push back with supplements and repair requests/items. When the question was asked to State Farms’ attorney, she did not seem to have an answer..

Feel free to leave us a comment below on your experience with State Farm or someone you know. Did your contractor need to use the neighbor’s bathroom?

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