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Residential Roof Replacement

It is clear that one of the most essential needs to anyone is shelter; the roof over our head. When it is damaged, though it is said roofs longevity is estimated at about twenty years, it needs repair or replacement immediately to avoid any damage. Just a small amount of roof malfunction could cause incalculable damage in just a short period of time. There are various reasons that you may need residential roof replacement.

What You Should Know Regarding Tile Roofing Repair

Tile roofing repair is special compared to repairs involving other mediums. Since it is a unusual type of work from more modern types of material you should seek a contractor who has worked with tile before. Thankfully in places like the western United States where this type of roofing is popular, there are roofing companies that specialize in this type of work.

Roof Repair

You can use the best paint for the exterior of your house, but if you have an ugly looking roof it will spoil the entire look of your home. A well designed roof makes a house look classy and stylish. But, like everything else in your home it may need repair.

Should I Have That Ice on My Roof?

All but one of the states have snow coverage somewhere to make this a record year.  With all the cold the country is experiencing, what about the ice on your roof?  Is this normal or should I be concerned is a question many of you maybe asking yourselves.

Leaky Roof: Find The Source Of The Leak

No home owner wants to hear the distinct sound: “Drip, drip, drip.” A roof leak dripping rhythmically on the floor of your house is a sound that is unmistakable if you have heard it before. A drip on a carpet has a buffered sound. A drip on a hard wood floor is a distinct “ping!” When you hear it, your ears will perk up and your hunt will begin. Where is the leak coming from?

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