Steep roof tips and tricks installation.

In this video I give you some tips and tricks how to re-roof a steep roof, hope you like it and hope I can give you some ideas if you come across one of this roofs.
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Transform Your House Into a Green and Graceful Home With Metal Roof and Wall Cladding

Asphalt shingles call for frequent roof repairs and have a short lifespan of around 10 years. The remains of your old shingles will end up in a landfill from where they will continue polluting the earth for decades.

The Real Impact Of Roof Cleaning And Painting To Keeping Your Home’s Aesthetics And Integrity

Keep your home clean and sturdy. Start with the roof by regularly cleaning, painting, and inspecting it for any needed repairs.

How To Have A Better Roofing System For Home

A lot of homeowners would like to maintain the integrity of their homes. This is essential so that the family could live in it for a long time. Now, it is possible to do this if you have a good roof system. The roof is the main protection of the home against sunshine and rain. But a home that does not have quality roof may not be ideal. That is why the home owner should ensure the integrity of the roof. There are many materials available. But it is best to choose the best one for roofing. Here, we will give you a few details on how to maintain good roof.

Framing Gable and Shed Dormers

Dormers are very popular in homes on the East coast. They are used to allow for more space in a steep pitched roofing system. For most dormers, you will need to frame the roof first and then raise the gables and set the ridge beam. It is also important to understand where the roof load is designed to distribute the weight on the rafters and floor joists. Then you will know where your bearing points are so you can install extra framing beams to carry the load and transfer down to the home’s foundation.

Why Roof Tile Is The Superior Roofing Product

Some people, builders, roofers, architects and designers are afraid of using roof tile. I will tell you why home buyers/owners and business owners should demand its use. The rest of the world knows this, the United States is beginning to realize it.

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