The Madsky Program: LC Nussbeck’s business model Explained by Joe Radcliff

We flew down to talk to Joe Radcliff and asked him to explain the Madsky situation and the LC Nussbeck business model.
Read about it here:

What appears to be an “honest” approach by Madsky, Joe sheds light on his experience with the organization and what he’s learned from it. It appears that Madsky is doing its best to squeeze all the small guys out of business by offering a blanket solutions to homeowners and suffocating an industry that relies on its marginal profits to grow. This is a statement from their website:

“When a storm happens, we can respond quicker than any other solution in the market giving you the plug and play solution to respond immediately to any size catastrophe.”

in our experience, plug and play does not typically offer the homeowner the best value for their unique situation.

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of Madsky!

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What Is Roof Maintenance?

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Use A Roofing Contractor for Technical Jobs

The roof is usually taken for granted and comes into focus only when it leaks, gets damaged or being renovated etc. It may look like an easy ‘do it yourself job’, but nothing is farther than the truth. Yes, you can paint the interior and exterior of the house yourself and do a creditable job, but when it comes to roofing repairs or replacement, it is another kettle of fish and is best left to a roofing contractor.

Time For A New Roof?

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