The story of Rosen Hotels | How underdogs win in Business | Harris Rosen | Roofing Insights

The story of Rosen Hotels | How underdogs win in Business | Harris Rosen | Roofing Insights
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00:30 Dmitry starts this interview differently
01:44 Rosen’s humble beginnings
05:52 The forehead story
08:51 This is how Rosen got into hotels, then thrived (AMAZING!!!)
18:52 How Rosen got big in Orlando
22:48 Advice for underdogs
25:20 Achieving a work/life balance is incredibly hard
28:45 Rosen revolutionizes healthcare
36:58 MAJOR political controversy
44:45 What it takes to be successful
47:33 Importance of delegating
49:47 Effects from COVID-19
51:21 Stress management
54:18 Rosen’s father had a profound impact on him
58:02 “Only in America”
1:00:02 Being successful in America is hard, but simple
1:02:15 Defining the American Dream
1:05:17 How to build a fantastic company culture

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Simple Steps to Locating a Roofing Contractor

A flat roof is unlike the sloped or pitched roof in that it isn’t as effective at clearing rain water. Water on the pitched roof soon drains and clears via the guttering system. But this isn’t the same in relation to the flat roof. A flat roof needs to be finished with a seal which is water-repellent to avoid potential leaks or damage to the home.

All About Metal Roof Sheets

Sheet metal roofing has become extremely popular recently and people have been using it a lot for building their homes. These are available in different textures and it is up to the owner to decide what design to go with. The metal sheets are transformed to flat panels and then later they are sometimes polished and made into roofing panels.

Points to Consider When Selecting Roofing For Your Home

There are many different types of roofing solutions available which could meet your needs, however, many may not be right for your house. The key is to find something which is a match for you in as many ways as possible considering cost, style, appearance, functionality and features, and more. Use the questions provided by this article as a guide and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect roof for your home.

Important Points to Consider When Hiring Roofers

In this article I share important tips that can help you select a qualified roofing contractor. Use these ideas and you’ll always be able to find a great roofer who will help the look of your home. Make sure the roofers you select satisfy all of these requirements.

Roof Replacement: Signs That an Asphalt Shingle Roof Needs Replacement

Depending on the climate where the house is located, an asphalt shingle roof lasts anywhere from twenty to thirty years. Due to the long lifespan of the roof, many homeowners do not think about replacing it before the shingles significantly deteriorate. If a home has a shingle roof that displays any of the signs below, consult with a provider of roofing maintenance to determine whether the home needs roof replacement.

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