Thumbtack Review 2020: Failing Results of Lead Generation EXPLAINED

Thumbtack Review for 2020: after 3 years, Dmitry is no longer recommending Lead generation giant and explains why it keep raising money and why results are keep going down.
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Lead Generation Business is not easy but we cant have another HomeAdvisor, most likely one day Home Advisor will buy out Thumbtack if last one will not learn how to please both home owners and service providers.

In this video, Dmitry explains the progressive fall of Thumbtack. From their decline in customer satisfaction to campaigning for money after being over a billion dollar company. You’ll learn four lessons to takeaway from the story of Thumbtack.

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Thumbtack Origin Overview
1:25 – Why Is It Still Failing?
2:01 – Explaining Thumbtack’s Growth
4:00 – Supply and Demand
4:37 – Being Built To Sell
5:25 – Saturation in the Market
6:02 – Platform Feedback
6:42 – Overall Takeaway
7:05 – #1 – Good To Get In Early
7:53 – #2 – No Platform Can Guarantee Long-Term Results
8:09 – #3 – Always Look For Their Business Model
8:56 – #4 – Don’t Invest Your Reputation Too Much On A New Platform
9:58 – Feedback and Outro

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