Top 10 Roofing Insurance claims denials by Adjusters | Roofing Insights

Top 10 Roofing Insurance claims denials by Adjusters | Roofing Insights
Contractors: comment insurance denials we missed below, we will send few hats to best comments!
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02:34 “You’re the first contractor who had ever mentioned that or tried to get paid for that”
04:24 “We already have that included in this other line item on your estimate”
05:45 “I have five other contractors right now who would be willing to get paid for that”
07:37 “The prices this contractor is charging are way too high. You should get more estimates”
09:46 “We have never paid for that line item before”
10:54 “No roofer has ever asked for OSHA safety ropes”
11:56 “We don’t pay for that because that is included in the waste”
13:00 “Just submit your estimate and we will look over it”
14:37 “There’s no hail or wind damage”

Don’t want to watch the video? Read about the top 1- insurance denials:

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