Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Roofing Contractors Make

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Roofing Contractors Make

1. Poor name choices.
2. Using “Exteriors” in the name.
3. Selling too many products
4. Not asking for good reviews.
5. Spending too much on paid advertisement instead of organic content marketing.

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The 4 Top Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

If you’re smart then you will for sure make a point of contacting more than one roofing contractor, before you sign your name to a contract. Even better yet, is if you can call around on the phone to get some answers to some basic questions. So then what are the four most important questions to ask?

Affordable Siding Options For Everyone

When it comes to providing protection for your home and creating a beautiful exterior, a number of options are available. Using tiles on the outer walls of your home is one of the best options to be considered for this purpose. It makes your home structure durable by providing protection against harsh weather and adverse weather.

Installing Mechanically Fastened Or Attached Roofing Systems – Roof Area Preparation

When you start thinking about installing an attached system, you should evaluate the site conditions for any unusual or specialized conditions, before beginning any roofing, inspect the site conditions that might affect the productivity or present any problems in the duration of the job. Inspect the building structure to make sure the building structure is capable of carrying the weight of a new roofing system. Verify the adequate slope to drain conditions making sure there is positive drainage.

Advantages of Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems – TPO-PVC Systems

Mechanically attached roofing systems are systems such as TPO Roofs and PVC roofs. These mechanically attached roofing systems are installed to low slope roof decks with fasteners and plates that are screwed in through the lap of the membrane.

Why to Opt for the Services of Commercial Roofers?

Are you contemplating over the decision of getting your roof replaced? Are you planning to carry this task on your own?

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