Weird James Hardie Siding Job Story

Check out this James Hardie job…. What do you think the story is? Budget/home owner special or deep meaning design? Comment what you think, we will find out answer in 3 weeks, this house is next to our first Roof for teacher roof we are doing in few weeks. Can’t wait to hear full story!


Worried About The Risks Of Asthma? How Your Roofing Replacement Company Can Help

If you or your family suffers from asthma, check with a roofing replacement company to see if improper roofing ventilation is your problem. Improper ventilation can cause mold to grow, which increases asthma attacks.

Shingles On Your Roof Curling? What Causes This And How A Roofing Company Can Help

If the shingles on your roof are curling, there could be a number of reasons. Before hiring a roofing contractor to install a new roof, make sure you know the cause so it’s not duplicated.

Proper Roofing Ventilation: A Roofing Contractor Explains Its Importance

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a roofing company that doesn’t discuss your home’s roofing ventilation needs. The wrong kind of ventilation or improper installation can lead to problems with excessive heat, high attic humidity and even rotting of the roof deck. Learn what the best roofing contractors say about proper ventilation.

Roofing Services Protect the House Inside and Out

Roofing services can transform your housetop into one that is safe and sturdy. There are so many benefits to having a good roof.

White Roofers and Their Installation Methods

This article explains white roofers and what they do. It also includes the benefits of installing these kinds of roofs.

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