What Do Roofing Sales Men Really Want?

What Do Roofing Salesmen Want?
Business Owners: Ask your sales reps!!!

In this video, Dmitry interviews two of his sales employees at Storm Group Roofing, Levi and Roshay. He wants to know what salesmen really want from the companies that they work for. This video is a must for any business owners that employ a sales team. Are you keeping your team happy or are you suffering from some of the pitfalls mentioned in this video?

Dmitry is the Owner of Storm Group Roofing: Minneapolis based roofing with office in Orlando Florida: https://stormgrouproofing.com and https://stormgrouproofingorlando.com

01:23 How long have you been in sales?
01:34 How many companies have you worked for?
01:40 Have you owned your own business?
02:55 Why would anyone work for someone else?
03:45 Have you had any “bad jobs”?
04:30 How hard is a work/life balance?
05:57 How do you explain being on your phone to your family?
06:43 What do you hate about your job?
08:40 Why are pictures important?
09:50 Big jobs sometimes or little jobs daily?
11:19 How important are sales commissions?
13:22 How important are leads?
14:45 How important is company culture?
16:43 What advice would you give to new sales reps?

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