What Top 1% Roofing Contractors do to win in Business?

What Top 1% Roofing Contractors to win in Business?In this video, Dmitry goes through 7 things that the top 1% of the industry leaders do that makes them so successful and going into detail why they do those things. Anywhere from not doing too many things at once to always keeping your advertising fresh.

01:42 – #1 – Never Stop Learning
03:19 – #2 – Always Improving Your Process
04:10 – #3 – Focus On One Thing At A Time
05:34 – #4 – Delegate Your Tasks
06:49 – #5 – Never Stop Advertising
07:29 – #6 – Have A Consistent Sales Process
08:38 – #7 – Never Stops Recruiting

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Are Roofers In Demand?

Roofing repairs is not something that needs to be completed on a regular basis but it is something that needs to be done everyday somewhere. There are many reasons why homeowners are hiring roofers to help out. If you are a roofer, now is the time to get busy advertising your services because people are looking now.

How to Repair Roof Shingles

So your roof is leaking and you are hoping that there are some easy to follow do it yourself repairs that will stop said leaking. Knowing how to repair roof shingles is helpful even for a new roof because it is not uncommon for roofs to develop leaks before the entire roof needs to be replaced. In cases such as these, a home owner with the right tools and a handyman’s intuition may well be able to repair a leak and save the cost of hiring professional roofers. Small leaks caused by localized damage such as broken or missing shingles can usually be fixed quite easily. In fact, the most difficult part of repairing roof shingles is locating the leak. One you have found the leak, single roofs tend to be the easiest to fix.

How To Find The Right Roofing Contractors

If your roof is in desperate need for some attention, you may have the task of finding the right roofing contractors in the area that can make the necessary updates to restore the condition of your roof. It is extremely important that you do research to find the right roofing contractors because there are usually many of them to choose from. Once you begin searching through roofing contractors there are a series of questions you should ask them.

The Advantages of Having a Flat Roof on a Commercial Building

If you are completing the construction of your new commercial building what roof are you going to put on it? Many people choose a flat roof for various reasons. Not only does a flat roof look professional but it can last for many years too.

What Type Of Roof Coating Should You Use?

Roof coating is very important in order to protect the roof for many years. Roofs are important to a business because it protects your business inside keeping the snow, rain, and other wet elements of nature out and away. Two popular types of roof coating consist of elastomeric coating and aluminum coating. These are the two most popular. Since there are two to choose from which one is right for you?

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