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Roof Snow Elimination

Residents in cold climates know that built up snow on the roof can be a major problem. Wet snow especially is very heavy and can eventually collapse your roof. If the snow builds up too much and there is danger of damage, you will be forced to call in a Denver roofing contractor to clear it off. Ice can be even more dangerous. If you had 3 inches of ice on your roof that would amount to about 15 pounds per square foot pushing down on your house. Added up over the whole roof, and you are asking your frame to support thousands or tens of thousands of more pounds of weight.

Shouldn’t Gutters Be Required on All Single-Family Homes?

What if gutters were installed on every single-family home that was ever built? It is suggest that things would be different in many ways… at least insofar as homes, the owners of those homes, and the owners wallets are concerned. An experienced Raleigh Home Inspector examines the subject of gutters and downspouts to control roof run-off water and prevent costly damage related to uncontrolled water.

What Do You Know About Today’s Metal Roofs?

So who could have ever guessed that this type of product could eventually grow in popularity to the point that it is now rated as possibly the best choice of roofing material for today’s home and business? It’s true.

The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof

So then what are the actual pros, and cons of this type of roofing system? The first down side of metallic building covering systems, is that they tend to be among the most expensive. Now one upside, is that in spite of the higher initial cost, they tend to be one of the cheaper roofs over the long term.

Flat Roofs and Hail Damage

Flat roofs are often the most susceptible to hail damage. In fact most types of flat roof do not even come with a hail rating. This either means that the material has not been tested, or that it wont hold up long under hail storms. This does not mean that there aren’t flat roofs that hold up admirably. To show the differences in roofing materials, I am going to compare three common flat roof systems. This stuff is usually around a half inch or more thick and instead of being adhered to the roof, it is mechanically fastened with screws.

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