Why #1 Roofing CRM crushed for a day? Job Nimbus company tour | Roofing Insights

Why #1 Roofing CRM crushes? Job Nimbus company tour | Roofing Insights
Dmitry and Roofing Insights team visits Job Nimbus: CRM Dmitry’s team has been using for years. He asks tough questions about trouble shooting. Comment what CRM you use and why!

If you are looking for new CRM for your business, give Job Nimbus a call and tell them Dmitry sent you! jobnimbus.com/roofing-insights

From Insights:

00:21 Importance of company culture
03:09 JobNimbus is rebranding
04:31 It’s never too late to rebrand
05:18 Culture at JobNimbus
06:48 Fallout from COVID-19
07:44 They have QuickBooks specialists
10:30 JobNimbus uses HubSpot
11:56 Conference room for trainings, meet the HR team
14:45 Salespeople love Dmitry; Google is great for marketing
17:57 JobNimbus wants to connect, upgrade their process
22:43 Dmitry’s take on JobNimbus’ issues

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Benefiting From the More Modern Flat Roofing Materials

A problem with flat roof insulation is that there is likely to be a non-existent or very limited incline. Different to the conventional pitched roof, a flat roof isn’t as effective at creating a slope to help the rainwater drain. Flat roof insulation is quite common are on a range of properties across the UK, especially in the earlier built properties and houses or bungalows with dormer style windows.

Various Types of Flat Roofing Materials

If planning on having a flat roof installed on a private or commercial property, you are likely to come across a range of options, with the actual materials used varying for a variety of reasons, such as the climate or changing seasons and available finances. Here are two of the most common flat roof materials that are likely to feature: Built-Up Roof (BUR) The built-up roof construction typically refers to the hot tar styled flat roof material which was highly popular and seen as the…

Leaky Roof Repairs

If left undetected, a minor leak on a flat or pitched roof can go on to result in significant structural damage to a property. It is likely to be the case that a roof will start leaking long before structural damage is caused or a roof needs replacing.

Four Common Reasons for Leak Problems on a Flat Roof

In the process of reviewing the available roof types, many property owners avoid the flat roof option often due to a misguided concern about leak related problems. However, with the latest solutions for flat roofing, a property owner is certain to be pleased with the results, mostly due to the fact that they are long-lasting and water-resistant. Originally a flat roof might have been built with a tar and gravel-based finish, which was highly effective at repelling water, but over time had the tendency to sag causing water or puddles to gather.

How To Find A Good Roofing Contractor

There are a number of options when it comes to work on your roof. You can opt to work with vinyl roofing installations because of the many benefits they pose such as flexibility, energy efficiency, versatility, incredible performance, weather sensitivity, fire resistance and easy installation among many others…

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