Why do I have 2 phones? 20 personal productivity tricks | Roofing Insights

For the last 7 years I used two cell phones. Here are the reasons why.
Comment below if it makes sense or if you would consider second cell phone or if you have any questions!!!

01:07 Doubles my productivity
01:16 Use other screen at the same time
02:00 You can record yourself instantly
02:41 Battery issues
03:04 Two phones, two numbers
03:29 Two accounts at the same time
04:45 Connections, updates, app issues
05:17 Back up phone for another
06:07 Secret recording, facing glasses
09:02 Share phone with someone who needs a phone
09:33 You can show passes or use GPS while actively on a phone
10:16 You can type while watching
11:19 Great conversation starter
11:58 You can go live on two different platforms
12:44 You can call two different numbers
13:38 You have extra camera for video/photography needs
15:15 Internet access HOTSPOT
15:39 It’s cheap
16:16 Entertainment/work combination
17:18 You can use notes, email, etc. when live
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