Why Paying Home Insurance Deductible is a Big Deal

Why Paying Home Insurance Deductible is a Big Deal

In this video Dmitry discusses valuable information for homeowners and business owners. Find out what happens when the homeowner pays the deductibles vs. when the contractor pays the deductibles.

Also learn why 90% of construction businesses fail in their first 2 years!

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Spotting Algae on Your Roof

A lot of people make a fuss about mold growing on their roof but are more often than not, mistaken. Algae can sometimes be thought of as mold but there are several differences and it is much less of a hassle.

Debris Removal From Rooftops and High Rise Buildings – A Cost-Effective Alternative to Dumpsters

Removing debris from tall structures and high-rise buildings safely, efficiently and cost-effectively is rather challenging. While metal dumpsters might be suitable for disposing of ground level debris on construction sites, they are way too cumbersome to operate on rooftops or to clear debris located several stories above ground. Fortunately, there are new special debris removal dumpster bags on the market that are perfectly suited for this task and are ideal for the roofing and construction industry.

A Good Roof Over Our Heads

Never put roofing last on the list when building a home. For roofs to last, proper installation and maintenance should be practiced.

Is It My Roof or Gutters That Is Leaking?

Do you have water dripping from your eaves and you need to find out how to stop it before it causes damage to the lumber and compromises the eaves structural integrity? Should you call a gutter contractor? Will he come look at it just to refer it to a roofer that will turn you back to the gutter guy to solve the leak? In this blog, I will give you a nearly fail-safe way to determine the cause.

Signs You Are in Need of a New Roof

Signs that let you know that you are in need of a new roof: Walking on your roof can cause damage, it’s especially harmful when the roof is at extreme temperatures. The safest way to examine your roof’s condition is from the ground. 1. Roof Life. Usually, asphalt shingles lasts from 20-50 years, based on exactly what they are made from, climate conditions, high quality associated with installation as well as normal upkeep.

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